Brief History of Denmark

1000-1042 During this time Denmark is an empire. Ruling kings take over both Sweden and England.

1157-1187 King Valdimar I rules Denmark and great improvements are made to danish society.

1202-1241 King Valdimar II rules Denmark and invades and takes over counties by the Baltic sea.

1397 The merge of Denmark, Sweden, Norway and countries rules by them. Denmark is the ruler of the united empire and gains a lot of power. Sweden fought to get out of the union between 1433-1523. The union later dissolved when Norway left it and left Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Iceland to Denmark.

1478 University of Copenhagen is founded.

1559-1588 The beginning of a war with Sweden, the so called War of the three kings. Denmark did not gain a lot from this war but managed to get Sweden to recognise a toll between the countries.

1613-1615 & 1643-1645 Denmark and Sweden are at war again. Denmark forced to release certain areas of the Scandinavian peninsula.

1657-1660 Sweden invades Denmark. The Danes defend Copenhagen and eventually win the war. Denmark gives back certain areas of south Sweden.

1675-1720 Denmark and Sweden are at war with few breaks.

1720-1807 Period of peace. Business and spiritual life flourishes and Copenhagen became increasingly more important in world business.

1807-1808 England attack Copenhagen due to a fear that Danish fleet of war- and merchant vessels will be used by Napoleons armies. The English attack forced Denmark to make an alliance with France that led to Denmark's involvement in the Napoleon war.

1814 Peace agreement is made. Denmark is loses Norway.

1849 Constitution implemented in Denmark.

1912-1947 Denmark is neutral in World War I. New and more democratic constitution is implemented. Women get the right to vote. In 1917 Denmark sold their colony in West-Indies (The Danish virgin islands).

1918 Iceland is granted sovereignty.

1939-1945 World War II. Denmark remained neutral. Germany occupies Denmark.

1944 Iceland becomes an independent republic, The republic of Iceland.

1972 Margret II becomes queen. Denmark joins the EU.

1972 Greenland is granted partial Independence.