Founded in 1971 in an area of former military barracks Christiania is a self-proclaimed free town. Christiania is today a partly self governed society that does not obey all laws of Denmark. Since its foundation, Christiania has been a dispute regarding the society that does not 'follow the rules' in many cases.

The use of marijuana and hash is accepted within in the walls of Christiania and even offered for sale by inhabitants.

Christiania has its own currency, the Lon, is used within the community and inhabitants get paid in that currency. Danish kroner are accepted as well. Please note that it´s forbidden to take photos in certain parts of Christiania.

It´s truly an adventure visiting Christiania and has become very popular with tourists. You really get the feeling you have entered another country where free-spirit way of thinking rules. They even have a sign at the main entrance that has "You are now entering the E.U." written on the back of it for you to see once you leave.